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My name is Greg Farnum, I am an award winning cinematographer from the great state of New Hampshire in the United States.

From a young age traveling has always been a passion of mine to explore and experience new and different things. To really push my limits and comfort zone. I want to travel the world and share my experiences through photography and filmmaking. As well as go inside the business of being an adventure traveler and how to make it a full time gig.

During my last year of high school I got really interested in the visual arts specifically video production. So I decided the only thing I wanted to go to college for after high school was that. This kicked off my first big trip living away from home. At school I learned the fundamentals of the film industry which I took and grew into running a successful business as a freelance cinematographer.

In the last year I have sparked a new interest, and thats of building a business where I have the freedom to do my own thing what ever that might be.

So I am on a journey to combine the three things that drive me. Travel, Photo/Video and Business. If you want to see more about this check out my blog

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